N. Dakota Governor pressures Sioux Tribal chairman to Denounce Warriors

Jack Dalrymple remains clueless: “This is just a random group of people that are acting very independently.”

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BISMARCK – Gov. Jack Dalrymple responded Wednesday, Oct. 12, to comments made one day earlier by Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II, who denied telling the governor that he has lost control of the camp where thousands of Dakota Access Pipeline opponents are staying in south-central North Dakota.

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100 police arrest 20 water protectors during #NoDAPL actions

It’s far from over. #NoDAPL #StandingWithStandingRock #WaterIsLife

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dakota-access-pipeline-riot-cops-1 Police in riot helmets work to protect Dakota Access Pipeline, Sept 13, 2016.

September 13, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: 100+ Armed Riot Police arrest 20 Brave Water Protectors stopping construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline including 2 journalists and medics. credit Unicorn Riot
See video below:

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The Legal Case for Blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline

Interesting read on #NoDAPL

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dakota-access-pipeline-masks Masked warriors take over destruction machinery used in Dakota Access Pipeline, September 6, 2016.

Did the U.S. government help destroy a major Sioux archeological site?

Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic, September 9, 2016

To hear the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe tell it, an old-fashioned American land grab transpired earlier this week in rural North Dakota.The tribe’s members and hundreds of other Native people have been protesting the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline since April. When built, the pipeline will stretch more than 1,100 miles from oil fields in North Dakota to a river port in Illinois. The tribe claims that the pipeline—which climate activists portray as a sequel to Keystone XL—could threaten their sole water source and that, more importantly, they were not consulted before the pipeline was approved.

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Obama administration intervenes in Dakota pipeline project opposed by Standing Rock Sioux, halts construction

Not a permanent end to the destruction, but this gives everybody more time to build support and push at the soft spots.

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dakota-access-pipelie-machine-graffitiby Jorge Barrera, APTN National News, September 9, 2016
The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday moved to temporarily block construction of a controversial four-state pipeline shortly after the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe lost a bid before the U.S. Federal Court to stop the project.

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America Hates Native Americans

Worth reading and thinking about. #noDAPL

Surly Bird

Did that get your attention?

While America prides itself on its all-inclusive ideals, I dare to say that none of them apply to Native Americans.

Since the beginning of the European invasion of North America, there has been a long drawn out ethnic cleansing occurring in this part of the world.

We are a country that still celebrates Columbus day, people! Columbus was no friend to First Americans.

  1. the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.
    synonyms: mass murder, massacre

In the old days, the “Indian” problem was taken care of with disease, soldiers and guns. Presidential orders were signed, soldiers dispatched, bounties given to militia all with the singular purpose of killing Native Americans. It didn’t matter whether those natives were armed, unarmed, elderly, women or children.

According to the government and the collective consensus…

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On #NoDAPL and Paying Attention: They Sicced Dogs On My People Today

Worth reading. #NoDAPL

Transformative Spaces

14232544_10208616269138580_3157349067699097161_n-2Dakota Access, LLC has declared war on my people — Native People — by attempting to snake an unwanted pipeline through Native land, drinking water and sacred sites. Today, this corporate force confronted peaceful Water Protecters with vicious dogs and pepper spray.

This is where we are now.

At least six Water Protectors were bitten by corporate attack dogs. Witnesses described some of the injuries incurred as “serious.” Dozens of protesters were treated for pepper spray exposure, and a horse was reportedly wounded in the attack.

But corporate violence was unable to beat back the gathering Water Protectors, and construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline was once again brought to a halt.

Your awareness raising has been crucial and will continue to be. We are slowly, collectively forcing the mainstream media’s hand, and visibility is so key in this profound and dangerous moment. Please keep helping in whatever ways you can. I truly believe that this battle has the potential…

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