The Fourth Way-An Indigenous Strategy for Building Sustainable and Harmonious Prosperity in the Americas and Beyond

The Fourth Way is movement of the Human Family to address the unfolding crisis of the 21st century, a crisis of multiple dimensions that has slowly revealed itself over the last 12 years since the first Draft of the Fourth Way was published.  The dimensions and the scope of this crisis are unprecedented in that it is global and multifaceted involving the prospect of economic, political, social and ecological chaos.  The result of this crisis is the birthing of a fundamental organic change on a level few Human beings now contemplate. 

The inhabitants of Mother Earth now face a choice, will we will emerge from this crisis into a new golden age of human understanding rapidly or will we will continue to witness greater and greater social conflict, increasing human suffering, and the loss of ecological health and democratic society until we truly believe that we can build a New World Civilization, based in the Oneness of the Human Family and all Living Beings,  free of inequality, injustice and abuse of any form.



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