Fractured Communities: How #Fracking Is Widening The Gap Between The Haves & Have-Nots in Rural Ohio

Unfortunately for Cadiz, the bustling boomtown of the silver screen bears little resemblance to the boomtown they are becoming. Sure, there is plenty of hustle and bustle to be found with gargantuan frac trucks and tankers and flatbeds rumbling up and down the streets and the campsites at Sally Buffalo Park are filled end to end with trailers, but that development has yet to spread to the town itself. Driving through the heart of Cadiz at the intersection of North Main and Market Street, I honestly couldn’t tell if the town was booming or busting. The streets themselves were nearly bereft of life and littered with overflowing trash bins, while just about every other storefront I drove by lay unused and vacant. As we parked our cars and began walking through town together, Cody turned my attention to the corner of a building across the street from the Harrison County Courthouse, where some of the hastily applied siding had been ripped off, exposing the original brick and cement molding that had cracked and deteriorated after decades of neglect. If there was a boom going on in Cadiz, it sure wasn’t happening in the town square.



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