About the Bird in the Holler

I’m a writer, researcher, citizen scientist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and conscious evolutionary. I lived most of my life west of the Mississippi, but now I live in the Cumberland Mountains of east Tennessee near two headwater streams of the Cumberland River.

I focus my writing and research in several areas: psychoanalysis, nature and the environment, conscious evolution and sacred activism. Within these fields I find many ideas inspiring me to explore them more deeply. I’m particularly intrigued by edges and spaces where multiple fields intersect.

At the core of my passion to follow these explorations is awareness that life on Earth has a long and troubling history of oppression and exploitation of people and nature. In balance with this is the truth that we have a core trans-dimensional Self. By wiring a stronger connection with this essential Self, we can warm human heart space and move toward harmonious, loving relationships with each other, the Earth and all life in our solar system.