West Virginia White Butterfly

I caught this West Virginia White butterfly on a Foamflower yesterday, April 19th, 2017

Source: The View From Frog Pond Holler


An amazing Trillium recovery – HollerPhenology

Just posted at my HollerPhenology blog:

Trillium1 on April 11, 2015. [Photo: Cathie Bird]

Trillium1 on April 11, 2015. [Photo: Cathie Bird]

 My experiences with Trillium1 this spring have left me with many thoughts, not only about how I engage with other life forms, but also about resilience and possibilities for healing from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fractures that life in this material dimension of Earth imposes at times.

An amazing Trillium recovery – HollerPhenology.