Help expose the dirty secret of mountaintop removal mining with an ad on TV

Many Americans still don’t know that many of us get our electricity at the expense of fellow citizens whose communities are being ripped apart by mountain top removal coal mining. That’s why has teamed up with Ashley Judd and The Alliance for Appalachia to get the message out to America’s living rooms.

They’ve put together a powerful new ad that uses President Johnson’s “Daisy Girl” to send the message that mountaintop removal destroys mountains and endangers communities in Appalachia. This war against people and nature is every bit as destructive as any other war being waged to secure and control natural resources, regardless of “collateral damage.”

The coal industry has spent billions of dollars to brainwash people into believing that this dirty war is justified. But we’ve got a little secret of our own. We may not have money power, but we do have people power.

You can grab your piece of that power and start swinging back at the coal industry in three easy steps: watch the ad, share the ad, and then help raise money so that we can raise the stakes!

My friends at have created a widget to give you everything you need to share this important effort on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter – you name it.

We also need you to donate. A few dollars from you and a few hundred other allies against the war on Appalachia could help millions of people could learn about mountaintop removal.

See the ad, share it, grab the widget and donate here.

Thanks for taking action!